wholesaling Hud homes

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I have all of John's systems and the Hud Wholesaling system.  I have even attended Hud wholesaling live! when it was last in Houston in June.  I have been bidding on Hud's but unfortunately in Houston they are rather overpriced and so I haven't gotten any deals that way.  John now has a great motivated seller system but that will cost more money for advertising obviously.  I don't know about Hud's everywhere but Houston seems to be tapped out.

I was very interested in John Cochran's HUD training course in which he included a special "Spreadsheet" that calculates what HUD will accept and what and how to bid! Last summer, one of John's sales reps told me over the phone that something had changed with their HUD program and they weren't promoting it anymore.

Another guru, Rob Swanson earlier announced in Feb that HUD abandons "flat bidding" and had a new way of selling properties. (I didn't pursue that either.)

Does anyone out there know of a change in HUD policy that would negatively effect these programs? And if so, how to proceed successfully today?

Thanks!! Dan Nolan, Investor/realtor

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