So I'm still in a bit of limbo in getting the deal closed on this property

A quick re-cap ..... it is a single family property with a de-thatched workshop ( connecting by the roofline only

The appraisal that was done back in 2006 , wrote it down as just that .....

A workshop ( currently used as a living area ) ..... det'd Living Area / Workshop

It is also written down in the 2006 appraisal as.... " One with accessory unit "

But the appraiser that I just had come out to do an appraisal on it , is saying that it is a ..... 2 unit property AND .... that because of this, he can't find any comparables ( since there are no 2 unit properties ) anywhere in the area

So this got me wondering if they could write it down / log it in , using either a  single family ( 1004 ) appraisal form  or  if they just won't come off of it as being a 2-unit, then they could use a  multi-family ( 1025 ) appraisal form ?

I'm in a time crunch right now, to get this property purchased, and all that is holding me up is the appraiser claiming that it's a 2-unit, and because of this, there are no comparables around the area to compare it to

What if I included in the renovations, the scope of work needed , to make this property conform to a single family unit with accessory unit use ?

A single family with accessory unit appraisal , is reported as/on a " Single Family ( 1004 ) appraisal form " ?

I was told that an accessory unit, defined by FHA/HUD is a separate additional living unit.... including separate kitchen, sleeping and bathroom facilities... attached or detached from the primary residential unit , on a single family lot.

And that the accessory unit must be subordinate in size and appearance to the primary unit and muse be connected to the utilities ( except phone and cable ) of the primary unit.

If all I need to do is to remove the additional electrical meter to make it conform, then I'll just add this cost to the repair costs

Thank you to any and all who wish to comment and give me some advice as on what to do

I appreciate it greatly - Michael