Limitations to Surface Rights Only

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Well this has just been Great, I've found more information I was interested in on this site than many sites put together.  About Me, Names Robert, I live in the state of Alabama, Shelby county. I'm primarily looking to purchase raw land in this area or possibly St. Clair via Tax lien/Deed sale. So here's whats got me scratching my head still, Drum Roll......Surface Rights Only ! Tadaa, but seriously what gives.

1.for example , say I find something On the edge of a interstate or river. can I 

A. cut down the timber? 

B. place or lease-out-space for advertising 

2. should these S.R.O. properties just be avoided altogether?

3. granted all 6 years (3 on the front end/ 3 on the back end) were up,

are surface rights so strict that an owner couldn't  break ground to build something with a Basement, wheres the line when it comes to stuff like that. 

4. How many questions do you come across that make you wanna bang your head against the desk, JK that was just for fun.

Or anything else anyone would like to throw out there and recommend about Surface Rights Only would be great.

Lastly for this post, If anyone could recommend someone that could teach me the abstractor processes in my area, it would be very much appreciated. I plan on purchasing local book by D.Evans , but i'm also more of a hands on learner. 

Thanks in advance


I also should of been more clear, I'm hiring for the process of teaching abstractor. not looking for a free mentor. 

I also have the same problem. I am interested in purchasing 20 acres of land with "surface rights only". I want to dig an agricultural well, put in underground irrigation pipes, and plant almond trees. Would I be prohibited from doing this, because I have "surface rights only"?

Please give me all your opinions. Thanks in advance. I will also ask the county planning office, but they take a long time to call me back.

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