ETUX/ETAL = proper notification?

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I notice at the last tax deed sale that many properties may be listed as ‘John Smith ETUX (and wife)’ or ‘Jane Smith ETAL (and others)’. 

Let’s just say that John Smith is deceased, however his wife is still living, is the ETUX part of the newspaper listing considered sufficient notification to the wife? At the auction the wife’s name isn’t actually called out.

It could be a problem.  If she contests it.  Might have to prove she was on the deed or entitled to rights and that she was not properly notified.  The real determiner is your title company.  When and If they will give you title would be the questions you want to ask them and get in writing.

Chances are it won't be a problem, but would be nice to have their blessing.

Is she in the house or in a different house.

@Bruce Lynn

On one of the properties I bid on, it’s listed as ‘John Smith ETUX’. This is a vacant commercial property that has been abandoned for awhile. It appears that ‘John Smith’ died back in 2004, and the wife is now in her 80’s. They ran a company which has been taken over by the son and daughter in law, however both of them were arrested back in Feb for insurance fraud. I get the feeling nobody will try to contest this or redeem it.

My question was pretty much just out of curiosity, since so many of the properties being auctioned off were listed the same way.