Hud changed asset management companies on listed home

2 Replies

I really appreciate all the advice and info that is placed on this site. I was currently looking at a HUD home that I had bid on a few times but the counters where just as people on the site said % wise so I was waiting till it hit the first price drop. It was on the market for 45 days then it was pulled from the hudhomestore so I assumed it was sold. My agent told me that the listing agent notified her and that HUD is changing asset management companies and is in transition from one to the other now. Has anyone had this happen to them? She said it would be relisted, if so does that bring a new price/appraisal and all?

Happens every couple of years .  The property will not be available until it is relisted at at some point.  Nothing has changed and it has happened to me every 2 years for 30 years or so.  it may or may not be listed at a higher or lower price as no one can answer at this point

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