So I would need nearly a $1000/month payment to buy a $145k-$150k house.  My pre-approved monthly mortgage cannot exceed $1021 thus the $150k limit (which I completely agree with as that is headed for Bankruptcy level debt).  This extra $250 +/-$30 per month plus the additional cost W/S/G and general care of the property figure a total increase of $350-$400/month for a $145k as opposed to my current living situation.  So if I go buy $145k home  it is ZERO down required ... if I buy a $120k home I need to come up with $14k first <<<<CAN ANYONE EXPLAIN THAT LOGIC.   This really seems like predatory lending using (disabled in my case) veterans to create another housing bubble.  Both me and the wife are disabled and will never work again.   Our income is not going up,  it will actually buy less and less every year as inflation eats away at it,  and her medical expenses will likely increase.