$100 Down Hud o/occ utility issues-Kansas City

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I'm helping my daughter and husband get into their first house. It's a $100 down Hud deal that is designed for first time home buyers. There is work needed on the exhaust from the furnace and water heater before gas co will turn on. HUD won't do the repair and doesn't allow us to do it. Anyone know of any work arounds? How can HUD offer this as a first time home buyer program? If utilities can't be turned on and they won't allow a remedy, shouldn't it be advertised as a cash only deal?

@Jan Pauley

Common occurrence with HUD and no they will not allow any exceptions. I am assuming your lender has an issue with this? Ask the lender if they have a work around

This is one of the main reasons HUD properties are very difficult to close for an owner occupant getting a loan

Thank you for your input on this! Looks like the lender will be able to convert to a 203k.  I will add Fifth Third Bank to our lender options.  Thanks again for your help!