Becoming an Agent? Training Programs?

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I'm considering getting my real estate license (in Indianapolis, Indiana), and becoming an agent. 

Are there any training programs with any agencies that you would recommend? Or are there any steps that anyone would advise that I take?

I'm currently engaged on the investing side, venturing into rentals, preparing to rent out my current house and move into a 2-unit property.  But, I want to develop and grow on the sales side of the game and business in general. 

Thanks for your input. 

Hi Jason, I'm not sure of any agency that pays for your pre-license courses but I'm sure there might be some. I went with Real Estate Express and it's been ok so far. Some good some bad but I'm confident that with the curriculum and the test prep that'll I'll be solid enough to pass the state test. If you have any specific questions about it let me know. 

I just received my IN license and trained with RECP which I was able to do all online and at my own pace. I really enjoyed the structure of it and the review process. 

Super excited for your upcoming endeavor!

RECP, RealU, IBREA, and Tucker are all local companies that have online options.  (I personally did Tucker and they really teach to the test - I passed the first time).  I have done several of my CE classes with IBREA

@Jason Powell I'm up in NWI and used Real Estate Express this past summer to get licensed. I'll be honest, I didn't love it lol. If your mind works in a way that you can just read a textbook and retain the info you will do fine. There are quizzes at the end of each section that are very easy and then at the end of each 30 hour section you have a 100 question test that is pretty difficult, and if you fail you have to retake the whole 30 hour section. 

Leading up to taking the actual exam I stumbled across PrepAgent on youtube and focused a lot of time on all of their content and ended up passing both tests on the first try. I highly suggest using PrepAgent as you are going along thru the prelicensing course.