Boise Property Management

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Johnson Property Management. Family run business that knows what they are doing and have been doing it successfully for many years. They understand small multi-family is typically an investment property. I use them for 2 small multi-family properties in Treasure Valley. Feel free to PM me if you want more info.

Sad that it's easier to provide examples of why NOT sometimes. When screening, I recommend asking if they do their drive bys and annual walk through inspections. And if deposits are held in trust (not required in Idaho). That's something First Rate Property Management upholds for both single-and multi-family properties. I appreciate their ethics and established procedures and know the company fairly well, as I work with its founder Tony Drost, who also is a licensed broker at Swope Investment Properties. 

A younger, growing company focusing on multi-family that has an experienced manager and broker behind it is Doug Bolen's management company, Total Asset Management. I'd be happy to share Doug's contact info with you if you'd like. I don't know the rest of his crew yet. Disclosure, I also work with Doug. Not surprising to work with a few good ones, since the small RE brokerage I'm at specializes in the residential income and apartment niche. (These referrals are without financial incentive). 

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