Investor friendly banks in Maryland

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Hi all,

I am tired of Bank of America and trying to find a smaller bank where I can establish relationship. 

The bank which holds their loan on books instead of selling to Fanie.

The idea is that if I bank with them for couple of years and they get to know me, perhaps they would be willing to finance some of my real estate deals.

Is it realistic idea ?

Any suggestions on the bank ?

Some people recommend to go with really small "community bank" other saying : "go with larger regional bank ..."

Any advice is greatly appreciated

@Alexi Polenur  I agree with the community Bank idea. I have had a few personal accounts in a large bank for over 20 years and I hear... "NEXT" when they want the next person to approach the window.

My business account that I only opened up in January 2015 is with a small community bank with less than 3 branches in the entire state of Maryland. When someone is available I hear, "How may I help you Mrs. Marano?" I've even met the President of the Bank already. I say go with the small community bank.

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