Where can I find Hard Money Lenders. If anyone knows any HM Lende

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@Kim Snyder Don't take this as a snarky comment, but I think you should spend some time learning about lending before looking for hard money lenders.

The reason why I say that....

Hard money lenders are very expensive and can get you into trouble if you aren't careful (I'm going through this now).

Hard money lenders are for short term loans so asking if there are any that offer 30 year terms is not looking in the right place.  Additionally, no lender is going to lend 100% of a deal unless you're 

a) experienced 

b) have an all-in flip at ~70% ARV

Are you looking to flip/rehab houses?

Are you looking for a home to buy?

Are you looking for a rental property?

Maybe by figuring out what you're looking to do we, as the BP community, can help guide you the best way we see fit.

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