If a 14-year old can do it...

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I have the ultimate 'no-cash,' 'no-credit' strategy for being successful in real estate! Forget wholesaling, yellow-letters, bandit signs, or any program that the 'gurus' are selling. I've developed this strategy from an episode of Ellen that you will not believe, just check it out below for the one secret that will make you rich in real estate!

(Sarcasm doesn't come across well in forum posts, but that was a joke and my first attempt at guru-ing)


This is actually really amazing and very inspiring. This girl, Willow, did a few things that most people will never achieve because a lack of self discipline.

1. She found a nitch to make some money on the side (selling other people's trash and flipping garage sale junk on craigslist).
2. She saved her money.
3. When she found an opportunity, she saw the possibilities and acquired private financing to make the deal happen.

Some of us that are new here on BP get hung up on 1 and 2. We don't have cash reserves but we try and jump in anyways because we're so excited. We say that we're 'wholesaling' to build cash reserves, even though marketing requires money spent over time to be successful (I'm mostly pointing a finger at myself here).

Others have some cash but don't have the patience/experience to wait for, create, find, or even recognize a true 'deal.' And when that deal does come along, if we need to obtain additional financing, if it really is a deal - the financing can be as simple as asking for it.

I'm sorry if everyone's already seen this video, I know it's a year old, but I just saw it for the first time and had to share!

I just watched it for the first time also! Amazing young lady!! Thanks for posting it.

@Richard Low really inspirational. Thanks for posting. Its good to know there will always be smart youth out there that want more. She deserves it.

I really like how they helped her out. Give her some more drive. Imagine we will see her success fly through the roof.

Thanks for sharing! I hope my daughters have that drive when they become teenagers.

Now that restores my faith in the younger generation! :)

Wow, amazing. Pretty good. I need to get my daughter to work

This is very inspirational. I am excited to see young people doing this. Kids usually dont do this stuff with their money. It shows that it is very well possible to pay cash for good investments. Shes starting small and I am sure she will be awesome.

My guess is that she's had some pretty great examples in her life to even consider something like that.

My parents ran a small farm and it was a business, lifestyle, and income. I couldn't have imagined buying any piece of property for rent as a teenager. I had a good business example, but not in real estate... maybe why I reached for it as an adult as farming in this area is mostly done by the bigger companies now and wasn't in my vision as a life long job (aside from a small garden).

Hey I honestly never looked at it that way,
Its been pretty easy to flip smaller items for me on craigslist in the past but i never thought of it as a vehicle to obtaining capital to do Deals. Definitely will have to give this a try.
Thanks for the post. very very insightful.

That is a great story.

I never had a choice growing up of not working in my parents rentals. I didn't get paid but looking back it was all free training.

Love it!

She's amazing, a 14 year old investor. Even when I was 21 I probably would've wasted that 6 thousand dollars on a motorcycle.

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