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I am about to sign a contract with a contractor but before I sign, I would like to know what type of paperwork do you like to see from the contractor before signing a contract? I am thinking 1. Proof of license 2. Proof of insurance what else?

I would like to see if there is any complained filed under the contractor? How do I do that?

Would doing a background check make sense?

Yes, check references- a must do. Check with the state or local jurisdiction for any registered complaints against their license/ name. Call the local building department and ask them how to check on your contractor. 

Proof of liability insurance and proof of workman's compensation insurance is required. If there is any hesitation or story about why its not necessary- red flag!

Be very careful about money up front in the contract to make the deal. It needs to be small, if at all, and proportional to stages of work completion. Final payment always contingent upon a job well done to your reasonable satisfaction. Make sure you understand the contract terms and are comfortable with all of the provisions.

You don't state what the scope of work is to be, if its a small job vs a big job ....Will make a difference in your research into their background. Many good contractors out there;- also some not so good.

 So you have many trades involved. Carpentry Plumbing electrical you may have a lift station to get the sewage up to exportable grade level there are a number of different things going on there including finishes painting tile work  you definitely want to get good references on the general contractor you're using to coordinate all this work. 

how much of this work is he doing himself versus just supervising all the other trades and if that is the case, how often is it going to be on the job. Make sure you have a time frame involved for completion of the work as well. Some jobs have a tendency to not get finished.

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