To all,

I use the note feature to store info about specific people who I have discussed things with or as a way to save something interesting (advice they offered).

On a CRM system that I have seen there is the concept of a default note. You can create as many notes as you like but the default note always is on top and is displayed in the box. The idea being you put personal info about the person which you want to remember every time you see their profile or maybe the last promise you made to them which still need attention.

I would like to store personal tidbits that one picks up in conversation so that I can remember when I next want to have a conversation with them.

As this is the forum for suggestions I am posting it as a way to help advance or improve BP. No specific time line expected. It could even be a bad idea for other reasons that I am not thinking of.

Anyone else have similar thoughts or requirements? Is there a better way to implement the same concept?