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@Paul Ortiz   is there a way to buy gift cards at a discount using bitcoin?   my knowledge of bitcoins is limited. 

how would bitcoins be used in re? 

@Paul Ortiz  I think it will change how some people pay rent, mostly the unbanked. Consider the following case: 

You have a young family with sufficient income to make rental payments and bruised but adequate credit. However, a few years ago one of them wrote a bad check and this was reported in Chex so that person has difficulty opening a bank account. You decide to accept them as tenants if they can pay you electronically between the 1st and the 5th of the month like everyone else. They can't write you a check and you don't like to accept cash for safety reasons. What do you do?

You sign them up with a payment processor that accepts bitcoin and pays you in your choice of dollars or bitcoin. The processing fee is negligible: somewhat less than paying you by money order. Everybody wins.

I think low income tenants will eventually pay electronically in this way. I could be wrong.

Originally posted by @Paul Ortiz :

Just wandering if anyone had any thought on what Bitcoin will do for Real Estate Transactions.

Or any digital currency for that matter.

Thanks in Advance.

 Paul, I see this post is a little older, but I thought I would add to it, I think Crypto Currency such as Bitcoin will become more common place and we will see companies accepting just like any other currency. Whats the difference if you have to exchange Crypto Currency or Forex other currency --??

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I believe there is a strong case for most assets and commodities to be tokenised especially RE. It's an amazing way to crowd fund millionaire dollar projects in a safe and low fee manner. There are a few successful projects but I think it will take years until it truly takes off. As for Bitcoin it's essentially a store of value for most people and it just depends how long it takes to the masses.