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Anybody have any invention ideas that would help agents in these type of situations? 

-Tazors, Mace etc are all good deterents but in the case of an husband wife perp team what do you do?

-There is an app that will fake call you. You just have to program the time.

- Facebook live also would quickly catch video of perps 

but what if..

the agent arrives on the scene and sees the women on the ground and the man over her, she leaves her purse in the car and rushes to the ladies aid.

without warning the man overcomes her and....

@Karen Margrave, This is a great list. I'm actually taking the classes to get my license in Ohio, and my teacher was talking about the topic of safety.

He suggested to not only ask the new client to come into the office first, but also to register them with your company. I.e. Name, number, drivers license, etc... Most people in today's world expect to have their identity verified when trying to buy property and other large ticket items. 

Also, he suggested having a set code word with your broker's office. The example he gave was "Red File". So you can call your office in a perfectly calm tone, if something is wrong, and say "I'm at the 123 Main street property, can get the red file for me please?" The broker then knows that you are in trouble, and will call the police. 

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O God, so much panic about realtor. Anything can be went wrong with you at any location. so you always take precautions and be alert when you go alone or even with somebody else.

You should always have the client meet you at the office first. Tell a colleague about the make/model of car and what property you are headed to. Your office should have a code phrase if you need help and/or don't feel comfortable with the person you are showing a house to.

I met a male at the office and alerted my co-worker that I didn't feel 100%. I also called my husband while I was en-route to please meet me there since he was available. The guy gave me the creeps and carried a large pointed umbrella. Did I mention it wasn't raining and was not in the forecast? I wouldn't even go into the house with him. I let him walk around and met him back outside. Never heard from him again, thank goodness. I did not want to work with anyone that gave me such an unsettling feeling.

Thank you for posting this! It is so sad but it is a reality in our profession, and sometimes we put ourselves in very bad situations. We have to be very diligent when we are either showing property or holding open houses. I have shown homes in rough areas or any area for that matter, I let my go to person where I am going, the address and the time I am going in and out, and he does the same with me, we keep each other accountable.

In our office it is encourage to have a buddy system when showing properties, and we must meet clients at the office first. If they are not willing to come down, then it is not worth it. Life is more precious than any check.

I remember the first time I ever went to buy a house. The agent I had was a beautiful lady and I thought, this is the first time we've met... does she really feel safe? I did notice the .380 hiding under her cardigan, but I don't feel like that's enough considering she was leading me through the house and from behind, I had the advantage. Man. This must be a nerve-wracking profession, and one where you must get REALLY good at reading people. 

In the Phoenix area we used to have groups that would scam solo Realtors at open houses by having one pre-occupy the Realtor while the others took any valuables in the house including the Realtor's Laptop they left in the kitchen.  

So sad this lady lost her life. @Angelique A. thank you for sharing the link; I was wondering how it ended. :(

A couple of times we've sold our personal homes, after a viewing appointment we've come home to find our drawers had been opened and sometimes items placed on top of the dresser/cabinet...we never noticed anything missing. Makes me really hate people sometimes. 

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