How to find a turn key property as a remote investor?

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@Patrick Britton that is an ideal strategy but the actual rehab/inspection part is what I know the least about. Can you point me toward a resource to learn what to look out for? I can’t find a partner without know what makes a good partner.

@Jason Lam since that question is very difficult to answer, i would say simply gravitate towards people from Bigger Pockets with lots of posts, votes, and an otherwise seemingly respectably reputation.  You'll still have to go through a lot of garbage, and there might not be anyone in whatever city you're buying and it's a lot of work, but it needs to be done.  

just find someone who has done what you'd like to do and offer that person something they are lacking, whatever that might be.  For instance, offer financing to that investor so they dont have to use their own funds.  but of course i can't tell you want to offer since i don't know what you can offer...

@Patrick Britton thank you for the reply. This is what I’m looking to do. I can offer financing for smaller deals (e.g low 5 figures) but can’t replace a hard money lender yet. I’ll look into the forums.

@Jason Lam

I would target deals where you're purely passive. In my experience, syndications and private loans make the most sense there. Turnkey can still be slightly hands on, particularly if your provider goes underwater (and thus no manager).

My recommendation is to meet operators and learn about their business. Spend the money on a plane ticket, it will come back to you, exponentially.