Experience with Rent to Retirement Turnkey?

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Hi All - I've been looking into turnkey providers across the country and realize there are tons of options out there.  Anyone have experience working with Rent to Retirement?

@Henry Chu Hi Henry, I did several hours of research on this company just over the past few days and everything I read was positive.  We are needing to do a 1031 Exchange for a warehouse that is selling next month and have a call scheduled with Rent to Retirement next week. That being said, we are considering a variety of investment opportunities for passive investing and will be talking to several companies. This info may be helpful in your decision process.





Good luck!


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Thank you very much for providing additional resources so everyone can easily see public discussion about our company.  We take our investor's success very seriously, and strive to build long term business partnerships with our clients.  Almost every single investor we have is a repeat client long term.  After all, in order to build substantial passive income it will take a portfolio of multiple properties over time.  We like to take a comprehensive approach with our clients to assist in all aspects in building a successful rental business including tax, legal, accounting, financing, SDIRA investing, and of course 1031 exchanges.  We constantly have clients undergoing 1031 exchanges, and are able to successfully help them accomplish their investment goals within the strict timeline the 1031 requires.  If you haven't connected with a good 1031 QI, I would recommend @Dave Foster as he is an excellent resource, and assists most of our clients doing a 1031.

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I'm happy to answer any questions you have at any point in time.  Feel free to reach out to set something up!

@Henry Chu You're quite welcome, Henry and thank you for the well wishes on the 1031. The more I learn, the more I realize that I know absolutely nothing! lol BTW, I'm from Northern CA (Newcastle/Lincoln area). I sure wish we would've kept our first couple of houses there! lol

@Henry Chu I realize that I am just saying what other folks have been saying but I can add to the recommendations for Rent to Retirement. @Zach Lemaster has always taken good care of the clients we have sent to him and we have a client going to closing on a property with them in a couple weeks that couldn’t be happier with his experience. I would say you are in good hands.