Multi Family in Milwaukee

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I'm owner of a company with many investors who are looking for rental properties.

We are investing in Milwaukie- we buy duplexes, SFH's and looking for the next level.

Multi family.

I'm not sure Milwaukie has the right place to build strategy for long term in MFH because the supply too low and there are just small MFH, between 4 to 10 units...

I want to buy in 3 years hundreds of units...

Do you think Milwaukie is the right place for me or to focus on other area?

If other area- where is the best place in your opinion in the Mid west for MFH?

I personally prefer some of the tertiary markets surrounding Milwaukee.  There are some good pockets in Milwaukee though.  Although Milwaukee might not have as many large 100+ unit apartment complexes as some other metros, there are lots of big buildings to buy out there.