How can I set up a local (Pittsburgh) BP meeting?

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Medium 1399562331 avatar kene Kenneth E.
Pittsburgh, PA
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Kenneth E.

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 03 '13, 10:44 AM

Hi all. I am thining about trying to set up a local get-together for BP members who live in the area. I searched "Pittsburgh" to see how many users are from the area, but I dont know how the search results are presented (most posts..? Most recent posts? etc...).

Additonally, there are some BP members from the region who put their town on their profile--NOT Pittsburgh. Is there a way to search for members based on their zip code or something other than city name?

How can I reach out to as many of them as possible without having to send individual messages to each person (since there are a bunch)?

Any ideas?

Kenneth E.

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 03 '13, 10:54 AM

To clarify, my search for members from Pittsburgh yeilded a bunch of results and it appears many of them have not been active on BP for, they may be less likely to respond to an invite (ie a waste of my time). So, is there a way to target members who have posted recently and are active members?

Medium 1399666228 avatar apirlrain Jennifer Lee
Real Estate Agent from Gibsonia, PA
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Jennifer Lee

Real Estate Agent from Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Feb 03 '13, 10:54 AM

I don't either but I would be interested I'm 30 mins north of Pittsburgh. But new to area.
I think this post will do the trick ;)

I'm a recent member of ACRE Pittsburgh. But don't usually make all the monthly meeting.

There is a big conference in mar 2-3

Kenneth E.

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 03 '13, 11:00 AM

Hi Jennifer. I am famialiar with Gibsonia. Where did you move here from? Im an ACRE member as well...I might be going this week, even. Check my other post on useful websites for Pittsburgh investors--it should help you out a bit.

The big conference in March is a standard-issue REIA conference complete with 3 days of full-on sales pitches from gurus. I probably wont go this year, as last year was enough. Though, it is nice for networking, the pitches were a turn of for me.

Medium 1399654381 avatar gellnerdavid David Gellner
Seattle, WA
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Medium 1448398348 avatar brandonatbp Brandon Turner
Investor from Montesano, WA
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David Gellner

from Seattle, Washington

Feb 03 '13, 11:01 AM

Great idea! I'm not in Pittsburgh, but I'd definitely like to do a meet-up in Washington State. I'd ask @Brandon Turner, he'd definitely know how to help you out.

No avatar medium Ian M.
Investor from Pittsburgh, PA
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Ian M.

Investor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 03 '13, 11:11 AM

Hi Kenneth and Jennifer - I actually invest in Pittsburgh myself (although I currently live in the DC area). I'm also an ACRE member and went to their annual guru meeting last year but probably won't go this year either. It gets redundant. You can get some decent info from the newsletters though that is specific to PA law which is good. Just thought I would "come out of the shadows" on BP as I have been reading for a while but don't really post. Just absorbing all of the great advice on here. I do like small apartment buildings (particularly on the north shore) so if you run across any that make sense that you don't purchase yourself I would be interested. Good luck to you both and perhaps I will be in town the day you are having a Pittsburgh BP meeting!

Jennifer Lee

Real Estate Agent from Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Feb 03 '13, 11:11 AM

Thanks for heads up. I moved from Boston and a military town in NC. Have real estate in all 3 states now.

I joined the rehabber tour by acre. It was quite useful , bc I'm investing in my first single family older homes. Been doing condos, retail unit and new construction.

Thanks for the heads up on the guru pitches. I joined acre last yr, but since I was new in town....I needed time to know my market.

Pittsburgh has do many little pockets, each neighborhood is different. And u have option to invest is so many vehicles, student rental by universities, rentals servicing the bedroom community of big employers. Commercial is affordable too.

Kenneth: where and what do u invest in?

Kenneth E.

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 03 '13, 11:27 AM

@Ian M. Nice to meet you.

@Jennifer Lee I am a part-time wholesaler (all over Pittsburgh, not onespecific area) with Penn Pioneer. I am also flipping my first house in Penn Hills right now. It isnt going to be a killer deal but I am learning alot. Other than that I am starting to search for some rentals to add to my portfolio (bellevue/marshal shadeland).

Are you a full time investor? Your profile indicates you are. Thats great!

Medium 1399374529 avatar alag Uwe S.
Property Manager from Dublin, OH
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Medium 1448399064 avatar biggerpo Joshua Dorkin
BiggerPockets Founder/CEO from Denver, CO
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Uwe S.

Property Manager from Dublin, Ohio

Feb 03 '13, 01:26 PM
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Long time ago here at BP was an calendar where you was able to put your meetings on it. Never seen since 2 years or so.

It would be a great help to place a new one here on BP, so any members can see what scheduled in future @Joshua Dorkin.


Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

BiggerPockets Founder/CEO from Denver, Colorado

Feb 03 '13, 01:41 PM

We did used to have an events system, but no one was using it -- not even the real estate clubs who could have used it to greatly increase their membership. Eventually, we thought it needed to go.

We don't currently have any plans to revive such a system, but planning a local real estate meetup via BP is pretty simple. Make sure everyone in your area has keyword alerts set up for your area ( Keyword alert tutorial) and then just set up a thread to talk about the upcoming event. The people who follow your city will get notifications and if interested, will show up.

Our Austin members are using this very successfully and have a great regular meetup that they do.

Someone just needs to take the bull by the horns to make it happen.

We had over 1,200 visits last month from Pittsburgh . . . there's certainly plenty of people in the area to connect with that are on our site or visitors of it.

Good luck.

Medium fbprofileJoshua Dorkin, BiggerPockets

Kenneth E.

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 03 '13, 01:47 PM

Bad news, Josh: 1,100 of those visits were from me. :)

Thanks. I'll make it happen. I was just curious if there was an easier way to reach out to local members.

The drawback of the keyword system is that its so new many people may mot be using it yet. So, I think its value for these purposes will be minimal.

Medium 1399651389 avatar yieldhawk Daniel C.
Real Estate Investor from Pittsburgh, PA
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Daniel C.

Real Estate Investor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 04 '13, 11:16 AM

For what it's worth, @Kenneth E. - I'd be interested, and I'm assuming a good many others would be, if you can successfully spread word.

Kenneth E.

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 07 '13, 01:02 PM

Hello there. I have to post this here since I am not able to send it to all of the members from Pittsburgh individually without sending a collegaue request (limited to how many I can send).

7pm March 15, 2013
Tambellini's Restaurant
139 7th St, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
(412) 391-1091

We have 20 seats reserved because I don’t know how much interest there will be… It is a nice restaurant but NOT a suit and tie establishment so come for a relaxed casual evening.

Contact me (RSVP) through BP so I can have an idea on how many are coming.

I am strictly inviting ONLY BP members (no other local investors) for the gathering, strictly as a networking event. This will be an easy-going night (no sales pitches, please) to make some new contacts, some new friends, and have a drink or two. Don’t be shy! But, make sure to bring business cards so we can all swap them!

The reservation will be for the “Investors Group”.

If you have any questions let me know.

I hope to see you there:

@Ian M.

@Jennifer Lee

@Daniel C.

Please help me spread the word!

No avatar medium Leah Hibbard
Natrona Heights, PA
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Leah Hibbard

from Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania

Feb 07 '13, 01:50 PM

Hey Kenneth! I will try to make it as well! Your post made me finally stop lurking and sign up!

Ian M.

Investor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 07 '13, 05:36 PM

@Kenneth E. - unfortunately March 15th is a Friday night and given that I am in Northern VA that I wouldn't be able to get there after work in time. If you have any other ones on Saturday nights please let me know and I will drive up. Good investing!

Kenneth E.

from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 12 '13, 09:12 AM

@Ian M. Leave work early and make it on time! ;-)

@Daniel C. @Jennifer Lee .....BTW CCAC is offering a 24-hour Property Management & Landlording class starting next week…if that’s something you are interested in…

Just FYI.

(I’m signing up for the one in north hills)

Medium 1399544661 avatar jamcocktail Sergiu Spinu
Real Estate Investor from Pittsburgh, PA
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Sergiu Spinu

Real Estate Investor from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Feb 12 '13, 04:45 PM

Hi Kenneth

I would like to stop by as well


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