Is there a Bigger Pockets Group in Austin, TX yet?

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Is there/ Has there been a BP meetup in Austin TX yet? I have already been approached by 'guru' type people with what appear to be marketing groups disguised as a real estate investing club.

I am looking for or willing to start a BP Real estate investing club that gets together in Austin TX whose primary and sole purpose is the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and contact information for networking purposes.


There is an unofficial monthly BP group in Austin. You just missed our second meeting. It was held yesterday.

We meet the second Wednesday of the month, currently at the Starbucks inside Randall's supermarket @ 3300 Bee Cave Rd, 10 AM. Jim Sinclair and myself organized the group on the south side of downtown, since many of the REIA meetings are held on the north side. Hope you can make it to the next one on March 12.

You might also check out the weekly Mastermind REI Meetup held at Big Daddies @ 11:30 AM on Thursdays. That's a well attended weekly group of established Austin investors who network and aren't affiliated with any gurus. I recommend both.

There are also a couple of other monthly lender-sponsored REIA Meetup groups that meet on the north end of town, non-guru affiliated, equally worthwhile.

Hope to see you at one of them!

I am in the process of forming another meetup that will take place on Monday evenings at Lynn Currie's office downtown. Lynn is a fellow BPer and Lamar Cannon (another BPer) and Uriel Castro are helping me out with it too. The meeting will be from 6pm - 8pm most likely and will be similar to the meetings I did at Mangia last year.

Harold McGee's meeting at Big Daddy's referenced above is also excellent and is fed by Esmerlda Lira and Jean Norton (BPer) as well. For now I would recommend trying to make it out to that meeting for lunch on Thursdays.

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Sounds like a great idea. I'll be able to attend meetings Wednesday thru Saturday events. Unfortunately I work nights so I have to pass on any Monday and Tuesday events. Maybe I can send the significant other to take notes??

@Mike Walker I just added the Thursday Mastermind to my Calendar for next week. Also, I will just assume that the Meeting that is on the second wednesday of the month will occur again next month so I will throw it in the Calendar as well.

@Bryan Hancock I would like to attend. Can you PM me when you have the time(s) and date set? Thanks!