Local MN meet ups in around Mankato /Owatonna area ?

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Hope someone in the area responds after getting keyword alerts for the three city names. If not, maybe you can post one more time in the Minnesota Forum. Also, are you already a member of the Southern Minnesota Real Estate Investing group?



Hey Brandon, there a investor meet up I've heard of that meets in Mankato, but me and some fellow investors started a meet up earlier this year in owatonna, unfortunately we haven't got together much yet because of Covid and busy lives. 

if you want to know more feel free to PM me.

I only know of the one that Daniel posted about. I haven’t attended it though. I wish they would be in person rather then virtual but what can you do in these crazy times.

We have meet ups in Rochester if you are interested.  We do online virtual meetings since covid.  You are more than welcome to come. To find out information just join our Facebook group I created. Rochester MN real estate investors.