What’s the weirdest law/regulation you’ve seen?

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With all the different HOAs, cities and what not, what’s the weirdest regulation and penalty you’ve had to comply with?

Here's my story: I recently bought my first rental in an area with a POS (point of sale) which is new to me. Apparently they come inspect at the time of sale and tell you if your house it up to par, like a giant city wide HOA. Now mine is quite trivial and I'm happy to comply, but apparently my house numbers are not adequate, and must be at least 4" high with minimum 1/2" stoke for contrast. Does the 4" include the stoke, or is that on top for it for a total of 4.5? If I don't comply I am supposedly going to face a "misdemeanor of the first degree" with "maximum $1000.00 fine and 6 months imprisonment".

Can I really spend 6 months in the slammer for using 3” house letters?

I’d love to hear the dumbest regulation and consequences from everyone here, so whats your story?

My favorite is the city inspector had to come back again to complete approval because the first time the HVAC didn't have a tiny little lockable cap that supposedly kept people from getting high on the chemicals inside the HVAC.

@Aaron K. Ha! He must have been thorough. How often do you hear that on the news, people getting high from an AC unit? I’ll make sure to check for locking caps on mine haha