Ever heard of business credit concierge services, that help you open a series of unsecured business credit lines and cards, and negotiate the limits higher for you?

I’d heard about them over thStep 1: You pay them up front, in a one-time fee (one reason why I was initially skeptical about the results). Refundable for 60 e last year or two, but never fully understood them. They work like this:


Step 2: They find the first round of business credit lines and cards for you, based on the best 0% interest promotions offered currently. You apply to these cards and lines of credit, and the concierge service then steps in to negotiate on your behalf to get you much higher credit lines.

Step 3: You get your first round of “funding” in the form of credit lines and cards. They show you how to use business credit cards to transfer money to title companies for real estate investing, paying only a 2.5% transfer fee rather than a 4-5% cash advance fee.

Step 4: They work with you and the credit bureaus to scrub your credit report and remove the previous round’s inquiries (“dings”) on your credit.

Step 5: After 4-5 months, they find the second round of business credit lines and cards for you, and repeat the process.

Step 6: They scrub your credit history again, and after another 4-5 months, help you secure a third and final round of credit cards and lines.

The average client gets between $150-200K in total unsecured business credit lines and cards. The funding you can expect depends on your credit score and history; those with excellent credit can get up to $250,000 in total credit lines. (Explanation video here.)

And yes, as a real estate investor, you qualify as a business owner.

We connected with Fund & Grow, the first business credit concierge. What I like about them is they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. So you can go through the first round of funding before deciding whether the fee was worth it.

Because the fee ain’t cheap, at $3,997. But it’s cheaper than the points and flat lender fees on a mortgage, and you get to use the same credit lines over and over again for your flips or BRRRR properties. So instead of paying hard money loan points and fees for every single property, you pay the concierge fee once, and use the same cards and lines for each new property.

You can use these credit lines to make cash offers on properties. Or they also work for down payments, if you’re buying properties that cost more than your business credit lines can cover.

Get an estimate of the total credit lines you qualify for here, and here’s to thinking outside the box on real estate financing!