Looking for every type of property in every state any price below retail

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I've got buyers all over the US looking for properties in every state.  Don't throw away another lead, or waste your time with "tire-kickers."  Even leads that you think are "junk" can be GOLD for the right buyer.

I'm not looking to co-op, or take any cream from your crop.  I just want to help my buyers get the most properties quicker and cheaper than anyone else.  That essentially means connecting you guys directly to my buyers list. 

The process is simple:  Take your property, enter it in my site so that my buyers can see the property and its details (I'm not a broker or agent, so I can't charge you to list your properties, notes, tax liens, or equitable interest) and my cash buyers will contact you directly, and work with you directly to purchase your properties.

What do they want:
Property Types: ALL
Price Range: ALL
Areas: ALL
Strategy: ALL

There's nothing that they won't consider if it's the right price and makes sense.  The more photos and info you can provide the better chance you have of selling it quickly.

Shoot me a reply or PM.

Best regards,
Chris Harrell

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