new to buying properties. looking for a mentor

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Hello, I am very new to being a landlord. just bought my firs duplex in 2017. I am looking to learn from an experienced investor to educate me more on what I need to know to become a successful property investor. I don't care if you are older or younger male or female. knowledge is ageless and genderless and I am eager to learn. If there is anyone with just a little bit of time that is willing to teach, I'm your student. i appreciate any knowledge you have. Thank you in advance 

@Lane Kawaoka is awesome and you should definitely listen to his podcasts on a regular basis. Needless to say that there is a ton of free knowledge on this awesome Bigger Pockets website and forum. But...

Once you're at a point where you feel stuck, overwhelmed, have read, listened and seen so many videos you just don't know where to start or continue - if you're ready for your "One on One" accountability coach, send me a PM to talk things through to get you started or moving forward on your real estate endeavor. 

Cheers, Ken

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