Looking for Commercial Line of credit

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Looking for a line of credit or cash out refi on a seven unit apartment house in Maine. It is owned free and clear and generates about $4500 gross monthly. We are looking for between $150-200K. The funds would be used to build our portfolio and grow our already successful business. Thank you for your interest

Aaron, maybe we can help you with this loan, but first please answer the following questions:

1.  The type of property you have I understand it is a seven unit apartment house.  2. The property is in what city in Maine?  And I understand this is a cash out refi.  I thank you in advance for answering these question, and I hope you give us the opportunity. If not thanks anyway.

Reggie Truss

Hi Reggie

Thank you for your interest. Yes it’s a Seven unit which places it in the commercial category. It’s located in West Enfield ME. We would consider a cash out refi but would probably prefer a line of credit

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