Fix and flip in central New Jersey

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I am an experienced investor purchasing a home in Hamilton Township, NJ with the intent of flipping the property. I have access to hard money. I am seeking private money (less expensive, but still worth while for the investor) for the purchase. Low LTV. We can speak privately if you might be interested.

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@Rick Stein Nice Connecting With You. We joint venture on fix and flips as well as buy and hold. More information here Would love to have a conversation with you about your experiences and business. Please feel free to reach out to me and schedule a call. Please use this link to schedule a call Looking forward to speaking soon

Thanks for responding. The property is in Hamilton Township, Mercer Co, NJ. I am looking for $180K. We can schedule a call if you like.


Hi Rick, Happy to take a look at this for you. Generally speaking, we're as low as 8.75% for experienced investors. It' still hard money but definitely on the lower end of the spectrum. Funding in 2-3 weeks. Look forward to hearing from you! 

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