First Home Purchase: Financing

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Hi all, I am 22 and about to purchase my first home. My plan is a live-in-rehab/house hack.

My question is about financing: should I put the minimum 3% down and obtain and FHA loan and therefore pay mortgage insurance, but have more cash on reserve for safety and future investing? Or pay 20% down to avoid mortgage insurance and have more equity in the property.

My plan is to buy at least one other single family residence by the end of this year using the BRRRR method. I also plan to sell the property I am house hacking after 2 years and repeat the process.

Any resources or insights you can provide for me would be greatly appreciated.

If putting 20% down makes you short on cash, then you should consider putting 3% down and have cash.  But sometimes with 3% down, when you move out and turn it into a LTR your cashflow could be negative, because of the higher loan payment.  So those are a few considerations you should take into account.