What is the WORST thing a tenant has done to your property?

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@Mindy Jensen  Re; Dead Body..

Yup have found 3 in past 40 years..

worst was one at property where I took over as manager,, lady died,, heart attack I was told.. she was a quite person didn't go out much ,,, she leaked thru the ceiling.. OMG,, hazmat new floor, new ceiling,, pretty gross..I was told. 

One guy dead in a bed.. so not to bad ,,  took him,, family rolled up mattress like burrito so easy clean up...

One guy dead in wheelchair,, after about day & half  found by cable installer,.. 

And the raw chicken trick was all the same tenant.. 

@Mindy Jensen I think one of the worst, was when a tenant moved out, we went to do move out and turn the home, found a dead dog in a cardboard box in the garage.

During a routine inspection, on a tenant with no pets; a room full of spiders and snakes. Smelled to high heaven, and he didnt see anything wrong with this!!!!! really

We have had 4 people die, three of them in one year, but all were found relatively soon, so we didn't get the dead smell!!!! One hung himself, so not fun contacting the relatives

Wow....I feel extremely lucky compared to the horror stories in this thread....my worse was the tenant painted the entire bathroom black and left poop on the walls. 

@Deanna McCormick and @Kim Meredith Hampton , does you disclose that someone died in the property? My state does not require it, and my neighbor died in his bathtub, was found 12 days later. Sunshine Cleaners had to come out. Eww.

IDK what smells worse, dead body or raw chicken. Deanna? (I guess they're both dead...)

A tenant going through a child custody battle tried to frame the ex by setting the house on fire. 

Same property, different tenant: cancelled trash service and instead turned the second story of the home into the dump.

Wow. It's all about perspective! After reading about the dead body leaking through the floor @Deanna McCormick , I now have nothing to complain about! 

My worst was a tenant that we inherited on take-over. She had multiple dogs, a cat and pet rats that used the apartment floor to go to the bathroom.  You could smell the aroma from outside and I can't even describe how awful it was on the inside! She was promptly evicted.

I have been pretty lucky with thousands of rentals. I have had to I can remember that were bad.

I had a gentleman decide to rebuild his Harley-Davidson in the living room of an apartment I owned. It had a smell that I have never had to get out of a unit before...

I had the ex-wife of the tenant get really test and return to the unit to do some damage. She decided to shred his waterbed. Unfortunately for me, it was upstairs.

@Robert Melcher

Robert just reminded me of another one. I purchased a home in foreclosure that I had not been able to get in. One of the bedrooms had been used to raise fighting cocks...  They also had pit bulls for protection. They had actually scratch through the bottom lower part of an entire door!