House Hacking : Potential tenant is under 21

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I’m on my 3rd house hack and this is the first time I’ve had this situation happen. I have a college student (age 19) interested in renting a room in my newest house hack. I will be living here with two other ppl (all over the age of 21). The question is, am I opening myself up to a liability by having an underage person renting/living with me when it comes to alcohol consumption? i.e. having friends over and there being alcohol, knowing that one of my roommates is not of drinking age. What do I do? 

I am no attorney, but i would think as long as you dont buy or give him alchohol you are fine. There are families all over with underage folks and alchohol in the house. 

Also i would be upfront with him and tell him no under age drinking. Maybe do an addendum to your lease