Jason Hill is going to join us on Thursday, June 17th @ 6:30pm to share with us the system his company calls "Vortex Banking" - which gives people:

*The ability to use your money in two different places, at the same time.
*The ability to recycle and recapture your income
*The ability to defer taxes into perpetuity from all real estate, stocks, crypto or any other business
*The ability to become sue-proof and lock all your assets in a titanium, impenetrable vault. 

"Vortex Banking" uses Infinite Banking principles that have been around for a while, but adds a twist that Jason will share with us on Thursday. 

I also asked Justin Cambra to join us for the discussion. In addition to being a big-time real estate investor in several states, Justin also has 4 IBC (Infinite Banking) policies that he is able to leverage for his investing. 

I am excited to learn a lot from both of these guys, and (selfishly) I recently started looking at IBC and I want to further educate myself so that I can take action. 

It should be a great discussion, so grab something to take notes with - as well as a required glass of wine/beer/another spirit. 

See you there!