Hi, I'm coming to the Las Vegas tomorrow (November 9th) through November 11th to meet with some of my investor clients, but I always set aside some extra time to meet and make new connections. I have been in the RE investment sector for 21 years, and can't imagine I would do anything else. I particularly enjoy working with investors to help them make better investment choices and decisions. Most investors focus on single family investments, either buying, holding, flipping, financing, etc. All are very profitable if done right. But LOTS of competition. I encourage investors to mograte beyond the single family sector, and you will find less comptition and typically greater profit.

Here is a little known fact: The #1 performing commercial sector over the last 1, 3, 5 and 10 year periods is... senior housing!!  And thanks to all of us getting older, it will be the #1 sector for the next 10 years. If your interested in finding out more, lets chat. If not, lets chat anyway. I am always interested in making new connections and helping others!

I don't push anything, I am just very passionate about the sector an encourage others to get involved, with our without me.

Post a reply or email me and we will determine how to get together! Ill be staying at at Ceasars Palace.