Economist Robert Campbell

The California Real Estate Market: Where it Goes from Here and Why

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Are you ready to learn what Robert Campbell’s key market timing indicators are currently signaling for the California housing market?Robert has so much data-driven information to reveal about the housing market and the economy that he promises you will be well ahead of the curve in knowing what the future foretells.

Here is a small sampling of what you will learn:

Is now a good time to buy, or should you wait?

Is the U.S. destined to copy Japan’s 1990 to 2015 housing market experience?

What key timing indicators you should be watching—and how to “read”the signals that tell you the market is about to change.

How to avoid the single biggest mistake in real estate and how to protect yourself.

Learn Three Market Truths—and why ignoring them can be disastrous to your wealth.

When the next bear market in housing is likely to start—and how far prices could fall.

Based on the key housing market indicators identified in his book entitled Timing the Real Estate Market, The Campbell Real Estate Timing Model has accurately predicted the rise and fall of California real estate prices with a success rate of 85 to 90% for the last 33 years. As proof, he’ll show you the charts. Is NOW a good time to buy, or should you wait? Is NOW a good time to sell, or are prices still going higher? Come hear Robert Campbell speak to find out.

About our Speaker: Robert Campbell has been eating, sleeping, living and breathing real estate from the time he learned how to walk. Early on, he learned that real estate markets are a lot like roller-coaster rides, where spectacular climbs are frequently followed by spectacular falls. Today, Robert Campbell is a real-estate economist (UCLA), author, investor, and publisher of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter, a 100% data-based market-timing advisory for California investors. His book, Timing the Real Estate Market, presents what Robert calls “The Campbell Method,”which successfully employs five key trend indicators to signal the coming peaks and valleys of real estate cycles.