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  • 08/13/19 06:30PM - 09:00PM America/Los_Angeles
  • The meeting will be in the banquet room at the golf course, 5001 Deukmejian Drive Long Beach, California 90804
  • Free

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Are you new to Real Estate investing but don’t know how to start? Are you an experienced investor with properties but aren’t getting the returns you desire? Are you interested in cash flow, value-add properties, and opportunities outside of CA? Are you an action taker looking for your next apartment deal? Wouldn't it be awesome to have the financial power of multifamily real estate working for you?

If so come join us. We invest in apartments in markets that simply make sense (or dollars!). Our members have closed properties in markets such as AZ, TX, FL, GA, IN, IL, OH, MD, MO, ID, UT, & TN. Apartment investing is a team sport. So come join the best team around, the Multifamily Masters.

This group is for anyone interested in investing in multifamily apartments. Our group started in Southern California and now we hold monthly meetups across all across the nation. Locations include:

Baltimore, MD

Camarillo, CA

Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Long Beach, CA

Marina Del Rey, CA

Pasadena, CA

Manhattan Beach, CA

West Los Angeles, CA

Day and times vary by location. For the most up to date schedule and venue please visit the events page.

Hope to see you all there!




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