Any tips for out of state inventors?

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I am looking to invest in centerton area but want to know a couple of things

1. Does AR get a lot of rough weather like OKC and Texas such as hail storms? if so, how long do the roofs last due to that kind of weather? 

2. do the property taxes double or stay the same for non owner occupied properties? 

3. what are the typical insurance rates for SFRs and duplexes ?


@Aasim T Bickiya   can i ask why Centerton?

1. I can talk about Central AR which is where i invest, in the last couple of years we had a lot of rain and some flooding, we do get Hail storms but nit as often at Texas. 

2. In regard to the property Taxes, you need to talk to the Tax assessor in your county. from my experience there is a 10% Cap on increase per year.  

3. insurance: depends on the location of the property, and the size of your portfolio. I see rates between $350-$650 per door. 

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