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New to this forum.. looking to get into the investment world

Posted Jun 3 2022, 11:36


This is my first post in BP Forums. I really want to get into the investment World. One of my first questions is regarding the best way to finance or fund my first property. I really don't want to dip into my equity in my house as I've done that in the past few years for some home improvements. I don't have a ton of cash, but I have access to a Roth IRA that I can withdraw money I've put in without penalty. That would be around $20k, and the way it's performing recently, it seems like using that money to purchase my first investment property may be a better long term option. Any opinions, thoughts or suggestions for this eager newbie would be appreciated. FYI I'm located in suburban Detroit, but love SW Florida as well.

Thanks in advance!

Detroit, Michigan

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