Why Do You Invest in Georgia & Atlanta? (Testimonial Request!)

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BiggerPockets! I'm working on building a landing page for Georgia and the city of Atlanta. Would anyone be willing to share why you choose to invest in the state and/or the city? What makes your state and the city of Atlanta so wonderful for investors?

I invest in Atlanta and surrounding areas because I live here. Easy to manage. Also, still good cash flow with stead appreciation. I can share the number if needed. 

Smyrna Property purchased in 2014 at 315K, 4b3.5b. Was my primary home. rented out early 2019 for 2600 per month. I've put down 50% so monthly cash flow around $600.

Woodstock Property purchased in 2017 at 150K, 3b2b as investment. Put in 6K to make it look nice(new paint, new floor). Current rent at $1435. I also put down around 50% so monthly cash flow around $835.

Powder Springs Property purchased in 2018 at 150K, 3b2b as investment, but I felt in love with the big flat yard and country living so we downsized and move here. Put down 25%. 

Powder Springs Property 2 purchased in 2019 at 160K, 3b2b as investment. Put down 20%. Did nothing. Turn key property with beautiful new floor and paint. Current rent at $1350.  Monthly cash flow around $400. 

PS: Closed another house this month for a client of mine right by my first Woodstock house. (on the same block.) Similar size but without a garage. It's $182K now. So $32K increase in price in 3 years. I think it's pretty steady! 

@Lauren Hogan - Between the massive growth, exemplary corporate presence, predictable sprawl, affordable cost of living, and growing attraction from Chinese investors, Atlanta is just starting out. Not to mention Georgia Tech attracts both high salaried talent as well as well funded technology companies, which is predicted to grow even more. Oh, and also the massive incentives which have been successfully attracting the film industry!

@Jingru Sui let’s connect I live in acworth and I am building my first rental property in Cartersville and close late Jan. Then I’ll be wanting to buy #2 and #3 soon after that but unsure whether to stick around metro atl or go out of state.