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Hey BP forum. I am looking to find someone that I can work with for free I just want to learn some investing stuff! I have an itch to become an investor but i am just currently still in college. I am a senior and will be graduating at the end of this year. My family and I will be here til about 2020 and i feel like I am just putting things off with excuses.

So I am looking to work with someone be it doing the grunt working or helping to find deals. I just want to learn. I am interested in wholesaling at the moment seeing as i dont have a job yet(being a student) and think that would be the best path for me to start right now. I am pretty high energy and like i said open and willing to learn!

If anyone is interested please feel free to reach out to me. I will also be going to the next local meet up once i know when that is as well!

Thank you BP community for your time and best of luck to everyone in their journey!

Aloha @Gabriel Beverly , okay, shoot me an email with your resume and letter of interest. I'll forward it to my acquisitions team leader - Maybe, if we can create a win-win, you can intern with my company. 

@Michael Mazzella Thank you for the response! Sent you the information requested. Feel free to reach out for any more information needed or any questions for me, I am available anytime!


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