Anyone in the loop interested in networking?

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For anyone, working downtown Chicago, who is interested in networking? Please let me know. 

My wife and I are buy and hold investors, but still have W2 jobs. We have done flips, private lending, lease options etc. I also help host a monthly meetup in DG, which is 100% networking. 

As the weather gets nicer, I would love to chat real estate while walking around our great city! 

I am not interested in selling you anything, so I don't want anyone trying to sell me something either. Just looking to grow my network and exchange ideas / experiences. 

@Chris T.

I know this is about a year old, but I just came across this post. I work in the loop and am always looking for like-minded people to talk REI with. I live a short drive away from Downers Grove, too. If you ever want to grab lunch let me know.

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