Becoming Airbnb host

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Hi everyone, looking to purchase in Clearwater Florida to live in for six months and rent the other six months out of the year. I’m curious whether I would get enough renters at a property 10 minutes from the beach, rather than having a property to rent one block from the beach. I would love to discuss that and other finance questions regarding anyone who is well versed in Airbnb!

Hello, @Joe Hofmann , you will get more eyes on this post in the Short Term Rental forum.  When I got started, I used AirDNA to research areas, and I also checked each municipality in my county.  One small community is a yes, and the next is a no. I called each municipality and asked. 

While I have a long term rental in Clearwater, my short term properties are on the barrier island on the East Coast, so I don't know the municipalities around Clearwater.