Selling my Brooklyn Condo

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I am looking to turn over my unit ASAP but I need to get a total rehab done as the tenants did not leave the place in top shape. I need new appliances, floors restored, paint, recessed lighting put in, and more. Please let me know if you have any recommendations. 

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Depending on the scope of work, I’d consider reaching out to the building super to see if he’s interested in doing the work for you.  He may be able to jump through hoops quicker than a contractor.   That said, if your apartment is a good space in a desirable location, a renovation may not be necessary.  I have a couple of listings in BK right now that have been quite busy 

@Jevon W.

Hey Jevon,

I can help you with the appliances. I'm working with a larger appliances company in NYC city area. I will offer big discounts.