Jacksonville / Camp Lejuene area re: base housing increasing

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i have heard that the base is taking up a lot of new land and developing a ton of new housing (in the thousands) in order to keep the military families living on base opposed to off base. I have heard it will be mandatory as well. granted this is all speculative and potential rumor mill, but wondering if anyone has heard anything about this? 

i have been considering Jacksonville a great place to invest but i feel like that would really turn the market upside down if that does in fact end up happening.

I'd recommend verifying the source of that news. I would recommend against making investment decisions based based only on what someone has heard.

@Jason, to my knowledge they cannot FORCE anybody to live in base housing. They can open up more, and clear up waiting lists, but you can use your BAH how you, and your family, deem best.

@David Pere - No, commanders can force you to live in base housing. Whenever you check-in to a new base you have to request permission to live off base. At Camp Lejeune it is for the most part guaranteed you will be allowed to live off base if you are married with dependents because there is not enough housing for all 40,000 Marines that are assigned there. For officers and senior enlisted they can assume they will. For mid-grade enlisted...likely. For junior enlisted, especially bachelors, you are most likely going to forced to live in the barracks. One of the prior commandants made a big deal out of keeping the junior Marines in the barracks (good move). All that being said, to the original poster, no, Camp Lejeune is not going to be building enough housing to force the entire force to live on base.

Very cool thanks for the replies guys. I don’t know enough operationally how things work but it seemed daunting to hear and I do know they are building a ton so it made sense. Thanks for the information 

This might be a little late but most of the construction being done on base right now is repair from Hurricane Florence that hit back in September of 2018. A lot of the housing was condemned and they're still working to rebuild base housing. MARSOC is moving their operations entirely to the east coast by end of 2022 which will bring even more Marines in the area.