Distance Prelicensing Provider recommendations

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Hello everyone! I am venturing into real state and looking for advice on course providers for those who have taken the course during the pandemic. Who did you go with and do you recommend it. Also, some providers offer tiers or different packages, so if you can specify the provider and the package, that would be extra helpful. Thank you in advance!


I have no experience in Pre-licensing. I did a search though by adding a "-" to pre-licensing, (Search for "pre-licensing nc" I found a few past conversations on BP. I tried to copy and paste the link to that conversation but I can't seem to paste links in here. The information from about 6 years ago posted by Boomer Creed was that he had heard good things about Superior RE School. Hope that helps.

Hey Irene, I used Superior School of Real Estate and they were great. They offer 100% virtual courses. Derrin Dunzweiler was an awesome teacher for it!