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Anyone have recommendations for a property management company in Pocono, PA area?

It would be for a Single Family Home; 3 bed, 2 bath.

@Mike Sierra

I'll try to see if I can find some contacts. Poconos is not my main area but I do know there are a few management companies in that area. 

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DNA property management, located out of Stroudsburg.

@Mike Sierra Some townships in the Pocono's have specific requirements regarding rentals.  You might want to explore the requirements where your property is located.  In the event you have an emergency you might want a handy man that lives local on call.  As mentioned all townships are not created equal and it appears shortly most townships will have requirements in place.  Good luck

Hi Mike, NEPA Management Associates, Inc. is one of the largest management companies in the Poconos. Specializes in professional property management for residential, multi-family, commercial, property owners associations, condo, town-homes, and other investment properties. Service areas include Monroe County, Pike County, historic Milford, Stroudsburg, East Stroudsburg, Bushkill, the West End and all of the other points in between.

Also provides accounting, leasing and rental services, consultation, tax appeals (both residential and commercial), Act 319 submissions and expert witness testimony. >> 

Thank you all for the info. I'll look into all these options

Hi all, I'm still interested in selling 30 acres in Monroe county, PA (near Green & Sterling Rd.). Can anyone advise on how the market is doing with land for sale?

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