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Just moved to Pitt and would like to network with RE investors. I have done some flips and lease options along with a few rentals. Looking for others in this area to meet and discuss real estate.

There are several REIA groups in Pittsburgh, go onto and type in Real Estate Investing. I go to SWIG in Greensburg, PA and Landlord Association in Irwin, PA. You can also find Pittsburgh RE investors on Facebook groups.

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@Jason B. google REIA Pittsburgh and also ACRE Pittsburgh. REIA meets every third Tuesday of the month and they have hundreds of members. ACRE meets the first Tuesday of the month and they also have a large membership. There are also a lot of smaller sub groups that you can join. If you need more of those groups send me a PM and I can get a few more that might be of interest to you. Glad to help

I agree with the real estate investment groups. REIA groups are a good way to meet vendors, agents, and other investors. Did you have an area in mind? Depending on your big picture plans, you may want to start in a certain area and focus on their investor groups.

@Jason B. I am a Realtor and Interior Designer and also starting to invest in Pittsburgh real estate. I am going to be joining some local real estate groups to learn more as well! Thanks for posting, and thanks to everyone for their insights!

Hi @Jason B. Welcome to Pittsburgh. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss the real estate market here. It's a great place to invest, but you really have to know the area very well in order to do so and make money at it. Best of luck to you. Gary

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