Accessory Apartment (A) Overlay Zone in Provo, UT

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I recently started a job at BYU and my wife and I are considering looking for a house close to BYU and renting out the basement.

I was wondering if anyone had insight into how to know if a property falls in an A overlay zone?

I have read the following:

But I just wanted some clarification.  Is it saying that any property in zone A1, RA, or R1 that meets the 4+ acre, 16+ dwellings, 50% developed conditions is automatically in an A overlay zone?

Updated about 1 month ago

I think I figured it out. It is A overlay or S overlay if on the zoning map it has an A or S after the number (e.g. R16A, R18S).

Yes, you identified correctly.  The A-designation is specified on those zoning maps.  The city is always willing to take calls too if you have any specific questions.  Make sure you follow the approval process though if the property isn't already designated.  The four off-street parking stalls is usually the hard part.

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