ISO Property Manager Sheboygan WI

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I am adding 2 properties (3 unit and an sfr) to my portfolio, in a new market for me and am seeking a PM, I have called and emailed several, no one gets back to me, except a guy that no longer manages for others, Properties are in Sheboygan WI any recommendations other than Blue Frog?  

Hey @Scott Schultz I am from Sheboygan and have a number of rentals around the county. I don't know of anyone off hand, I would suggest joining the Sheboygan real estate facebook group as there are PM's that post on there quite often.   It's going to be slim pickings around this area as far as I have seen. 

In speaking with RentersWarehouse, right now their people are out of Port Washington(via Remax). In talking with them, if they can generate enough doors managed(even if it's a negotiated rate among more than one investor), they'd look to have a more local presence. 12 doors is the minimum needed. Reach out if you need more info or a connection. Cheers!

@Sara Luedtke   I contracted with Titan Property Management out of Oshkosh, a friend of mine has 40+ units with them, Bruce is awesome to deal with, check with him, he is trying to break in to the Sheboygan market, there is plenty of room for growth there.   

@Sara Luedtke Renters Warehouse manages our property in Brown Deer. I've inquired about managing properties in Sheboygan too as I don't know of any local property managers. A couple of weeks ago I saw an advertisement for Lakeshore Property Services, LLC. I haven't worked with them but it may be worth looking into to. My husband and I decided to stick with investing in MKE area since we plan to move there next year.

Best of luck!


I work with Titan Property Management in Oshkosh, they are managing one for me in Sheboygan, they have a couple other of my properties as well. Good job reasonable rates, they use Buildium platform, very transparent. the forum ere usually kicks out a link or direct referral contact, my contact is Bruce, DM me if you need more info. 

Renters Warehouse currently requires a minimum number of doors to cover Sheboygan(since they don't have anyone local currently). That said, their cost can really minimize your cash flow due to rental rates in the Sheboygan area. We are doing things ourselves, with the help of my parents who are near retirement.