Starting to get into fix and flips in Starkville!

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Hey everyone! 

So I am 21, and I have about 200K I want to use for fix and flips in the Starkville, MS area. Is there any advice for finding a good priced house to renovate and how to find good contractors in the local area? 


@Christopher Owen Cote

Hey! I'm out of Starkville as well. There are very few fix and flip deals that make it to the MLS so to find that deal, you'll likely have to go direct to owners and make offers.

How has things been going with your search? Have you been able to create a funnel for fix and flips? I’ve been personally scrubbing BP for wholesalers in the area but haven’t found anyone yet.

I'm from the tupelo area and just got my 1st fix & flip in Baldwyn ms. 

I remodel houses for a living & let me tell ya their is a lot of bad contractors out their.

contracting each single item is the way to go. Roof,Drywall,Floors Ect. 

i would never let a Contractor do all the projects, cause he is putting money in his pocket that you should keeping. 

get a multiple quotes on all projects. word of advice.

if they look like Meth Heads don't hire them.