First flip!

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Wow this is awesome you can officially consider yourself an investor. Any advice for a rookie like myself looking for his first property?

Looks great! I Iike the different backsplash tiles in front of the hood fan. I'll have to consider doing that on my next flip.

Sorry, yes 30-40k.  Sometimes Voice to Text gets me goofed up when I'm on my phone.

Jose the best piece of advice I can give you, and one that was shared with me is to try to find people that are not only good at what they do but are also good at running their business.

Tookie examples would be a real estate agent, and your contractor.  If they are hungry, conscientious, and well structured in the way that they do their deals they will definitely have a big impact on you.

Do some networking, and don't be afraid to ask people if they have anybody that they would recommend or even that they would stay away from.

Thanks for the feedback everybody, good luck and good hunting.

That's your property @Matt Murphy ??? I saw it pop up on the MLS and thought it looked pretty good! Congrats! I like the wood trim in the front.

How did you choose your realtor?  Who did the photography?

Cheers to your success!  I wish you a speedy sale!

Thanks Belva!

I worked with a realtor named Tracy Preston.  She has experience working with investors, and is very diligent.

Honestly I originally had a photographer lined up, but my contractor was running behind so we just took pictures on our phones.

Great job! Very well staged. Really like the backslash choices next to the counters. Very nice open floor plan that will attract many buys. Good luck on the sale!

Love to see some before pics to go with the post

I had a bunch of great before pics on my phone, but it died.

I do have a before video though!

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